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The Inertia

Have you been to Baja? Have you driven that 1000-mile immaculate stretch of perfect, empty waves punctuated by vast stretches of the most beautiful country? Have you eaten the food, smiled at the people, basked in whatever it is that coats your soul with a concentrated extract of pure happiness? Have you driven those long, dusty roads, full of potholes, beers cooling in the cooler, a static-filled Mexican song coming out of the am radio? Have you stopped, sunburned, dusty, and surf-worn on cliff edges to set up camp for the night, then been surprised by the outright lunacy of how wonderful a sunset can be?

If you haven’t… don’t. You’ll hate it. Above is Tyler Warren demonstrating just how much you’ll hate it, both in Baja and with a little bit of Mainland thrown in for good measure.

 S U R from Visualguyser on Vimeo.


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