18-year-old Jhony Corzo just got his first taste of ISA Gold. He’s been shredding over the last few years and he finally put himself on the podium this weekend at the 2017 World Surfing Games. This means a lot for Mexican surfing, with a lot of surfers putting hard work and dedication to take the sport to the next level in the country.


If you’ve never heard of Jhony Corzo before today, you may at least recognize the Corzo family name from Puerto Escondido. Jhony comes from a line of big wave surfers. His dad is known as Big Jim and his older brothers, Nahum and Jimel Corzo, are Mex Pipe pros. Big wave surfing definitely runs through Jhony’s veins, but he really puts a show on the small waves, which is exactly what he just did in Biarritz.

This is an especially uplifting and exciting win for the Mexican surf community with the Los Cabos Open of Surf coming just around the corner. Hopefully, Corzo and other Mexican surfers representing their country can keep that momentum and steal more of the international surfing spotlight.

Viva MĂ©xico!



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