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As our own Zach Weisberg and Dylan Heyden once alluded, the experience of getting a coveted wave at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch in Lemoore can be especially daunting. Nauseating, even.

That, I can only imagine, is even more pronounced when your first time at the Surf Ranch also happens to be your first time surfing. I mean ever.

The above is a video we received of a Michigan-native getting a slight bit of cover during his first surf after “some pretty hard tumbles” and missed takeoffs.


The man asked to remain anonymous, but he explained that his only prior experience on any sort of board was a couple of tow-ins behind a boat while cruising around Lake Michigan. With a little bit of coaching from Surf Ranch staff on hand, the man eeked into his first barrel. On day one.

“It was pretty intimidating, to be honest,” the man told me of his experience. “It looked pretty big from the shore, but when it’s coming at you in the water, it looks even bigger… especially having never surfed!”

On the ride itself, the Michigan-native was already regretting not living near the ocean.


“The feeling of catching a wave and actually being able to ride it was so exhilarating. If I didn’t live in the Midwest, I would really try to pick this up.”

Even with such a non-traditional introduction to surfing, the beginner was totally cognizant of how game-changing Kelly Slater Wave Company’s technology is.

“I can see how much potential the Ranch has for the sport,” he said. “It can give those who aren’t near the ocean a chance to ride waves and progress extremely quickly… I’ve had so many friends who haven’t surfed see the video and now they want to paddle out and get into surfing.”


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