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The Inertia

Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson are two of Australia’s crown princes of surfing. After long careers, both have hung up their jerseys and started the long walk into the sunset of retirement. With four world titles between them and a lifetime of surf trips together, the two are thick as thieves.

Way back in time, it was obvious they were going to do great things. They have very different styles of surfing. “Parko’s hypnotic grace or Mick’s lightning strike attack,” writes Taylor Steele. “It’s blondes vs. brunettes, really.”

Steele decided to put their sections side-by-side for his latest offering in The Momentum Files, and we’re so glad he did. “Thought it’d be fun to put their sections side-by-side and compare two styles cooked in the same incubator of the newly formed Superbank,” he explained.


So what’s your poison? Quick like lightning or smooth like silk?


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