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The Inertia

Mason Ho and Mick Fanning are two very different people. Both interesting in their own way, sure, but very different. Mick, a little more on the serious side. Ho, about as far from serious as you can get. So putting the two on a trip to Alaska, far outside their comfort zone, makes for good watching.

In this episode of Rip Curl’s Search series, Mick and Mason head to the frozen north in search of waves created by calving glaciers. Of course, building a surf trip strictly around something that probably won’t pan out isn’t the greatest idea, so they found a handful of reeling points that would be considered good anywhere on earth.

But the search isn’t just about waves–it’s, as the name implies, about the journey. It’s all the things in between waves that make a surf trip so good, and Mick and Mason found plenty to be excited about.


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