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Knee injuries appear to be afflicting professional surfers left and right – first John John Florence, then Coco Ho, now Mick Fanning. Only Fanning has already moved beyond his competitive career, meaning we’ve grown accustomed to not seeing him in the heat draw or wearing a jersey. Still, his post-CT life on The Search, finding new and exotic waves, will have to be postponed until surgery and ample rehab.

Mick’s video posted to his account was a reminder of how ugly ACL injuries can be, the type usually reserved for the football field or court – watching a player’s body give away grotesquely in the midst of athletic movement (while cringing and trying not to look). For  Mick Fanning, unfortunately, his came on a rather mundane top turn.

“Wish I had a really cool story to tell about this but unfortunately this is it,” wrote Fanning in an Instagram post on Tuesday. “This turn blew my ACL apart and looks like surgery and 6-12 months of rehab. So if you need me I’ll be in the gym so I can get back into the water ASAP! All positive here as it gives me a chance to really work on my bikini body for summer hahaha.”

Mick seemed in good spirits, a solid foundation for recovery. Heal up quick!



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