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The Inertia

Here & Now features Miguel Blanco during his latest mission to Indonesia as the swell of the decade hits the archipelago. Being in the right place at the right time, Miguel ended up scoring the now legendary monster session in Nias Pulau. The film portrays all the action during his trip around Indo, culminating with that Nias swell and the wave that ultimately changed his life and ended up on the cover of SURFER magazine.

Here & Now was filmed and edited by the brilliant Brazilian filmmaker Bruno Zanin, who was traveling with Miguel during this dramatic swell, with additional footage by Carlo Coral.


“This has been a great year,” Blanco said. “Such a great roller coaster! I’ve been putting a lot of energy into surfing and just stoked to be doing what I love the most every day! I had a big gap in summer so I decided to go to Puerto and Indo. Caught a good swell in Puerto and somehow ended up being in Indo for the biggest swell in this last decade. Here and Now shows some of that action. To add to that magic trip, SURFER magazine came out and I was on the cover! My first cover of an international magazine.”

Blanco is one of Portugal’s most respected surfers right now. At just 22, he’s the new Portuguese National Champ after which he received a wildcard for the WCT in Peniche later this month. He’s a rising star both on a progressive surfing front and when it comes to chasing heaving slabs.


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