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Mikey February is one of those rare surfers with a style all his own. There are only a handful of people that are nearly always recognizable on a wave, even if they’re in silhouette, but February is certainly one of them.

While he’s great on a thruster, Mikey’s unreal on any kind of surfboard, be it a longboard or a fish, a single fin or a twin. That’s why he recently took a set of his new Twin Pins over to a quiet Indonesian reef pass. The board is a brainchild of Mikey and CI shaper Britt Merrick, and it fits February’s surfing just about as perfectly as a surfboard can fit someone’s surfing.

“You know, I’d been riding a lot of performance surfboards maybe two years ago,” February said of the Twin Pin. “Every now and again, I’d jump on a twin fin. You kind of get a lot of great stuff from both. You get the looseness and speed out of a twin fin and the kind of performance you get out of a regular shortboard. I guess we’re trying to bridge that gap and create something that has the best of both worlds.”


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