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In just a few short weeks, a cast of surfing’s Olympic hopefuls will descend on Kisakihama Beach in Miyazaki, Japan for the 2019 ISA World Surfing Games. Admittedly, we’ve never had the pleasure. So, until now, we remained blissfully unaware of what some of the world’s best surfers might encounter should they have the benefit of rolling through the southern Japanese town during a typhoon swell. Until the video above slid across our desks, that is.

Last week, such a typhoon spun its wheels in the Philippine Sea delivering healthy a-frames to Miyazaki and damn if it doesn’t look like a tepid day on the Outer Banks during peak hurricane season.

Typhoon season typically lasts through October in Japan, so, with any luck, the most highly-anticipated ISA World Games in history may take place in something like this. Here’s to hoping.


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