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The Inertia

With over 9,000 miles of coastline and nearly 1.4 billion people, it was only a matter of time before surfing caught on in China. The sport’s inclusion in the Olympics may have woken up officials in Beijing to the idea that there exists yet another gold medal to be won – and now funds are being poured into coaching and a wave pool training facility – but, the capital of organic surf culture in China is the island of Hainan, where Monica Guo, one of China’s best longboarders, currently resides.

After watching Blue Crush, at age 21, Monica Guo decided she’d pick up and move from her hometown of Yangshuo, located in mainland China, and head to Hong Kong to be a surfer. She later relocated to the island of Hainan, and ten years later she’s represented her country at the ISA World Longboard Championship.

With tour guide Laura Enever, get to know Ms. Monica Guo and the burgeoning surf scene in China in this beautiful little portrait that’s part of Billabong Womens’ Parts Unknown-style series Know the Feeling.


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