Surfer/Social media manager

The Inertia

As a surfer living in Montreal, there are two possibilities to get your fix. We have the Saint-Lawrence River, which offers endless standing waves, and then there is, of course, a five-hour drive to the nearest ocean on the East Coast of the United States.

Last week for Victoria Day we checked the swell and decide to head to Maine. It was a nice road trip that I did with my other half, William Picket, surfer and founder of Ananus Surfboards, as well as some other crazy surfers. Driving across the White Mountain National Forest of Maine we finally arrived on the East Coast. The report read four to six feet at nine seconds with a gentle breeze from the south. The first day offered some fun little waves, perfect for longboarders. On Victoria Day we got pretty lucky with some surprisingly great waves for that time of year. Here’s the party that ensued.

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