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Editor’s Note: This article is presented by our partners at Morey Bodyboards.

For years, Morey Bodyboards has defined the bodyboard industry. They literally invented it, when founder Tom Morey first paddled out on a piece of finless rectangular foam on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii in 1971.

Well, things have changed a lot since then, both in the bodyboard and the surfboard industry as these two methods of wave-riding have continued to evolve. Morey took full advantage of the most modern advancements in both disciplines in designing their latest all-rounder model, the Mach12 MDS. Designed in collaboration with Santa Cruz surfboard shaper Jon Henderson of Strive Surfboards, the Mach12 features some seriously rad, futuristic design elements to ensure high performance.

Jon Henderson Morey

Jon Henderson of Strive Surfboards in Santa Cruz was an integral part of the design of the Mach12 MDS. Photo: Morey Bodyboards.

“When I was 11, I rode my first wave at San Onofre Trail 1 on a Morey boogieboard, and my entire life changed that day,” says Jon Henderson. “I wouldn’t be surfing, I wouldn’t live where I do, and I wouldn’t be a surfboard builder making boards for guys who go to Maverick’s. When the Morey guys wanted to up their game and offer their best board ever, they came to me to see if I had any input. And what we came up with was the Morey Mach12 MDS.”

Morey at the Wedge

The Wedge in Newport is the ultimate testing ground for any newly-designed bodyboard. Photo: Morey Bodyboards.

MDS stands for “Mach Dynamic Speed,” referring to the unique design elements of these bodyboards that help the rider generate speed such as the double-concave bottom and the tube rail system, which allow for greater hold and drive on the wave face, building speed and projecting the rider forward. “Speed feeds every maneuver that you do,” says Jon. “Whether you’re going up for a big air or trying to get out of a barrel, you’ve gotta have speed to get you to where you want to be.” An internal fiberglass stringer provides strength for advanced maneuvers on larger waves, and with a length of 42.5 inches, this board can float anyone from grom to grandpa.

Morey Mach12 Package

The Mach12 comes in a few different packages, the Premium, pictured above, includes the board, fins, fin tethers, and a boardbag. Photo: Morey Bodyboards.

With a competitive price of only $64.99 for the board itself, for those looking to get their start in bodyboarding, Morey has come up with a few different packages to help lessen the burden of startup costs. A set of two boards clocks in at $109.99 for those who play rough with their equipment or for getting your boogie on with friends, and the Essential and Premium packages come with a board, Churchill Makapuu fins, and fin tethers, everything you need to get your boogie on (the Premium Kit comes with a board bag as well), with discounted prices up to 15 percent off.

Currently, the Mach12 MDS is an online exclusive, meaning it’s not available in shops (yet). To get your own, or learn more, check it out on Moreybodyboards.com.


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