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Morgan Maassen tells beautiful stories about surfing. He does it by pointing a camera at people and places, letting them tell the story for him. In this case, it’s a story about a surfboard shaped by Ryan Lovelace and, for the purposes of this video, surfed by Trevor Gordon. Both Lovelace and Gordon have styles that are different from the norm. Lovelace makes surfboards that could be mistaken for art—or art that could be mistaken for a surfboard, and Gordon surfs with a kind of casual reckless abandon that is perfectly suited for out-of-box surfboards. With all that in mind, we asked Maassen a few short questions about Dusts of Gold, his newest offering to the surf world.
How did Ryan come up with that very strange shape?
Ryan is always kicking around random ideas, and when he brings them to fruition we’ll always gladly put them through the paces at Rincon. This board represented his desire to make a more pulled fish, with larger wings, to go faster in smaller surf.

Was it shaped for Trevor’s style of surfing in particular?
Any board Ryan makes naturally makes its way to under Trevor’s feet, as he is both one of Ryan’s best test pilots and one of the most talented surfers at Rincon. This board, I decided to document the whole process, and immediately get Trevor on it to ride out the last swells of our winter.

What did Trevor have to say about the board after he surfed it?
He loved the speed and flow it presented and had it wired almost immediately. The board went missing shortly after, which happens when weird shapes present themselves: everyone has a ride and next thing you know the board is in New Jersey at a garage sale.


Ryan says at the end that he’s not sure where the board is now. Have you guys figured that out yet?
We think our friend Brad has it. Ha.

Dusts of Gold from Morgan Maassen on Vimeo.



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