The Inertia

Being from the North East, I grew up in a fast-paced environment. Moving to North Carolina as a young adult was a welcome change. It’s the simple life that seems to suit my personality and that’s exactly what you get on the Outer Banks.

Meanwhile, the northwest corner of Puerto Rico has that same country-meets-beach vibe I fell in love with in North Carolina. The waves can be great and spending my summers there educated me on the technical side of my art as a photographer, like editing and computer skills.

I love all aspects of surfing and sharing it through photos. The travel, the search, the weather, the culture, and the lifestyle. I have, slowly, combined my love of surfing with my love for photography. Being a woman who surfs, I’ve found myself focusing my photography on other female surfers lately. But overall, I genuinely love getting in the water and documenting the places I’ve been, the waves I’ve surfed, and the people with whom I’ve shared them along the way.


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