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I met Nat Young for the first time in the middle of the Hurley Pro melee this year down at Lowers. We had set up a chair in the middle of a patch of tall grass and put a camera in front of it. It was late September. It was incredibly hot. The noise from the contest pulsed in the background, and event staff wandered around us. Nat had lost his heat earlier in the day, but didn’t seem phased. Maybe focused is the right word. In fact, he seemed like he appreciated the challenge the loss presented. He rounded the corner to where I stood waiting, looked me square in the eye, shook my hand, and grinned. Then we sat down and turned the camera on.

Nat’s an interesting guy, and we had a good talk there in the tall grass. The pressures of his first year on Tour didn’t seem to encumber him; he was wholly focused on his goals, chief among them was claiming the 2013 ASP Rookie of the Year honors – a feat he achieved a short time later. We spoke about the prevalence of drugs in his hometown of Santa Cruz, his recently-realized ambitions for this year on tour, and what Nat does to stay happy, among other things.

But you don’t need me to tell you. Let Nat do it. Meet 2013 ASP Rookie of the Year, Nat Young. – Alex Haro


Nat Young ASP Rookie of the Year Interview (HEADSPACE) photo by Aaron Lieber

Nat Young ASP Rookie of the Year Interview (HEADSPACE) photo by Aaron Lieber

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