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This might as well be a commercial for the Mentawais. Ok, it basically is. Let’s see that blue, blue water. Give us glimpses of downtime on the beach, morning surf checks, and at least one or two looks at how plush those cozy, oceanfront accommodations are. After all, a getaway to the Mentawais is the pinnacle of it all for many of us.

Wait, we didn’t even mention the waves yet, did we?

Oh, yeah. That’s the real draw.

Nate Florence is typically full of stories in each and every vlog he publishes. And he pumps out a lot of content, which makes it all the more impressive. The man always has some kind of insight, some kind of unique, insider’s look into taking on conditions that aren’t all that relatable to the general surfing public.

But then again there’s always room for some good old-fashioned surf porn. That’s how good Florence’s session in the Mentawais was here because the man took no time to break down and analyze the ins and outs of the wave at center stage. Just roll the cameras, add some intense music, and give us some slow motion for that ominous, dramatic effect.

Surf porn indeed.


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