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Nathan and Ivan Florence Talk Injuries, John John's Quick Return from ACL Surgery, and Ivan's New Movie

The brothers Florence. Listen to their sweet, melodic voices, below.

The Inertia

Life ain’t so bad. This is the One Beer Podcast presented by 805, where I get to sit down and have one beer with some of the best personalities in surf and snow. We couldn’t have come up with a better way to launch The Inertia Podcast. To kick it off, I had the pleasure of talking life with brothers Nathan and Ivan Florence at the Vans house, just down the sand from Pipeline (hence some of the rowdy background noise).

John John and Nathan Florence get loads of press, and it’s definitely deserving. But Ivan, the youngest Florence, is just as talented and perhaps more well rounded as a surfer, skater and snowboarder. We got into Ivan’s career arc, Nathan’s gnarly training regimen, and John John’s risky return to competition after ACL surgery. One of the better nuggets to look forward to is a possible Ivan Florence movie in the works.

So listen in and please subscribe to The Inertia Podcast wherever you listen to poddys and stay tuned as we shoot the shit with more surf personalities from the North Shore and beyond.

The One Beer Podcast is presented by 805.

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