The Inertia

In his latest video, Nathan Florence set out to go on a literal surfing marathon. Florence, still bandaged up from his injury in Indonesia, went on an endurance surfing expedition that clocked in at a grueling 32 miles.

“My record is 22 miles. Today we’re going to try to hit…more,” said Florence at the outset of the session.

Florence then set about doing laps in and out of the waves, while the others in his group joined in by running along the beach. At the end of the day, Florence traveled 32 miles over the course of 11 hours and 40 minutes. Much of that time was spent in some incredibly deep Namibian barrels that even impressed Pipeline aficionado Jamie O’Brien, who showed up midway through the ordeal.

“This guy’s got more barrels than I ever did in my entire life,” said O’Brien from the beach. “I just flew 48 hours to get here and I haven’t gotten barreled yet.”


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