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Every sponsored surfer on the planet now has a vlog on Youtube. Don’t quote us on that yet but we’re pretty sure it checks out factually.

Anyway, add Nathan Florence to the mix. And it’s already getting entertaining to watch his obsession with trying to stomp out backside airs in sloppy North Shore surf — something he dedicated two videos to entirely this week already.

See, now that vlogs are the hip thing, a surfer’s online presence is no longer about hanging on to the most bangerest of their banger clips for a whole season, then releasing it in an edit with hopes that it’ll blow our minds. The surf edit is and was all about giving us the best of the best. Surf edits are so 2016. Edits are the Snapchat filter of surfing, smoothing out the wrinkles and making everything so much prettier than it is. We’re led to believe through surf edits that an athlete is always performing at their capacity, stomping out every air with robot-like consistency. Wipeouts and spills only happen on cringeworthy freight train barrels in the surf edit world. “How is that guy not on Tour,” you’ll ask after a half-decent edit. Not in vlogs, though. Surf vlogs are about telling a story, even if that story is something as simple as a surfer’s amusement with not being able to stick a backside punt.


Heck, maybe this isn’t even an attempt by Florence at starting a blog. He hasn’t given it a catchy name or anything. Maybe he’s just genuinely had a stick up his butt lately to nail this thing down and started filming it. We’re not going to lie, though, we’re hoping Nate squeezes at least 25 more episodes out of this infatuation.


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