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Garrett McNamara in a huge barrel at Peahi, Maui. Photo: Ron Dahlquist

It doesn't matter if you're shooting Kelly Slater at Backdoor or your daughter's first wobbly wave, if it's a good photo, the folks and Nat Geo want to run it.

The Inertia

Dear readers,

Like most writers I’m an avid self promoter, so anything I recommend should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism.  That said, I have an opportunity you won’t want to miss.  The National Geographic Adventure Blog is running reader-submitted surfing photos and submissions are open. It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting Kelly Slater in the tube at Backdoor or your daughter’s first wobbly wave, if it’s a good photo, the folks and Nat Geo want to run it.  I work for the blog, and although I can’t give your shots special consideration, I am always open to blatant flattery, cajoling, and the odd comment on how good I look in my profile picture.


Only the best. We promise.


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