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The Inertia

What happens when you combine anime, lasers, and a few world-class rippers in a wave pool? A far-out-funky-disco-trip-surf-clip that’ll make you feel like you’ve been eating ecstasy like candy and slappin’ the bass in a Sydney night club for the past 9 hours.

Not quite what the boys over at Stab were going for, but completely radical nonetheless. The Stab crew sought to create a concept shoot that reinvented surf photography into something that our predecessors could not have visualized in their wildest dreams. Neo-Tokyo is About to Explode is a fictitious future of Tokyo after a wave of nuclear chemical spills, circa 2019, starring Conner Coffin, Dillon Perillo and Brendon Gibbens.

“A wave of nuclear chemical spills and civil unrest births an unlikely future for Japan, and it is all shades of neon. It is the year 2019, and rumours about a public pool, deep within the old city, have circulated. As acid rain falls on the city, Dillon Perillo, Brendon Gibbens and Conner Coffin arrive outside the abandoned downtown pool in the middle of Neo-Tokyo, in the 17th District at the end of Highway 26, beneath the neon lights and strange acid rain, ready to venture into a in a secret theatre of vivid light…”


Truly creative and imaginative goods. Hats off, Stab. But next time we see you in an LA or Sydney nightclub, it’s a straight all-out rumble. But there’s one rule: no touching of the hair or face.


Only the best. We promise.


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