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The Inertia

“After I rode that wave out, I just felt like something deep down in my soul was accomplished, but yet, just the beginning at the same time.” Those were the words of Brad Domke after a 2014 skim-navigated bomb at Puerto Escondido put him on the big wave surfing map.

This is unseen interview footage and the full story behind the ride of Domke’s life; probably the biggest wave anybody has ever surfed on a skimboard. “It was such a legendary day of riding waves,” Domke says. “My good friends Gabriel Villaran and Shane Dorian got their winning waves at the XXL awards from that session. My friends Brent Symes and Rusty Long got a couple sick ones early and the wipeouts were about as gnarly as they get, with clips from Andres Flores and the late legend Ricardo Dos Santos (may he rest in peace) taking some legendary beatings. All in all it was one for the books and I’m stoked to give you guys some insight into the day and what we do.”

“That wave, on that day; it was definitely the ride of life.”



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