The Inertia

I shot these pictures during a recent trip to Nazaré, Portugal, and I came home yesterday evening to a total chaos in Denmark. The same low which had created the huge swell in Portugal hit Denmark hard and was the worst hurricane in Denmark history.

In Portugal, I met Garrett McNamara and we hooked up for a early morning shoot in Nazaré. After that morning shoot, I was allowed to shoot and follow him and his fantastic crew for five days. It’s a very interesting and positive experience which gave me a view into a world of top professional athletes.

I have the greatest respect for Mr. McNamara not only because of his unique surfing skills but also because of his very pleasant personality. He always finds time to talk with old ladies as well as little kids. Such a humble person with a twist of greatness. During this week I spent with the McNamara crew, I was also very privileged to meet his lovely wife Nicole, Hugo Vao and Andrew Cotton plus the rest of this amazing group.

I have to go back to Nazaré when the next serious low hits this rustic and raw coast. To me, this place is pure magic, and when it’s on fire, I can’t think of any other place I’d rather be with my camera.


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