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The Inertia

The East Coast has been on fire.  Of course, this isn’t meant in a literal sense, but it’s no secret that hurricanes and tropical storms have been lighting up the Atlantic for weeks now. Unfortunately, these weather events caused mass destruction, loss of life and impacted millions of people. Seeing the devastation people still face in places like Puerto Rico and other islands ravaged by storms, it honestly felt weird to be stoked about the arrival of waves as a byproduct.

Having said that, it’s also an opportunity to count our lucky stars when our own area was spared another Hurrican Sandy experience.

Following Gert and Tropical Cyclone 10, Hurricane Irma sent swell into the region with some plus-sized waves, hollow tubes, and beautiful beach days minus the summer crowds. As Irma departed, the action continued with Hurricane Jose. On the heels of Jose came Hurricane Maria, which provided waves for a few days and really maxed out in the North East region. As Maria departed the east coast she left us with plenty of leftovers on a beautiful morning with crisp air, pristine water conditions and super fun surf. Here are some of my favorite photos from the last month, now appropriately coined, “A September to Remember.”


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