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We’re still a couple of months out from our ears perking up at every south swell to brush across the California coast and simultaneously asking, “So, is the Wedge firing?” Carnage is what we typically expect, with the occasional victorious escape and a handful of viral board transfers every time Newport’s funkiest wave turns on in the late spring and summer months. So to hear that the spot recently gave a taste of rare, enjoyable offseason conditions, our ears perked up with a different kind of intrigue this weekend.

“This winter has had a lot of north wind, which has moved a ton of sand next to the Wedge jetty,” photographer and Wedge regular Brent Weldon told The Inertia. 

The result? All that sand setting up perfectly for the trademark side wave washing off the jetty. And like a clean shave, an off season touch of south swell groomed the wave itself with a fresh face. A handful of Wedge regulars — mostly skimboarders — showed up to take advantage of the small but inviting barrels while the opportunity presented itself over the weekend. Because like many great things in life, this setup won’t last forever.

“Once a couple of big swells come in the sand will move and the side wave will usually stop working. Guys like Blair Conklin, Geo Bryan, and John Weber definitely got some of the craziest skim waves I have seen in a while.”


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