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Lagundri Bay Nias surf

Lagundri Bay will be the site of the Nias Pro men’s and women’s QS 1,000

The Inertia

There are a few waves that make every surfer on earth sit up and suck in their breath. Nias is one of those waves, and it’s just been added to the WSL’s schedule. Not the one you’re hoping for, though—Lagundri Bay is now officially on “the exotic Asian WSL event schedule.”

It’ll be the site of the Nias Pro men’s and women’s QS 1,000, and it’ll run through a four-day window of August 24 and August 28. It’s one of the best and most consistent waves in all of Indonesia, and if there was any fairness in the world, it’d be part of the CT.

You may remember all the back in 2015 when the Century Swell charged across the ocean and turned Nias into something unreal.


Nias is one of the planet’s best waves. With freightraining tubes and massive waves, it’s also one of the most recognizable. Back in the ’90s, it had a place in the pro event world, and if the rumors are true, two other spots will join it on the QS: The Simeulue Pro and the West Sumbawa Pro.


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