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Nic Von Rupp is a person who really likes getting barreled. You probably enjoy it too, but do you like it so much that you spend your life looking for barreling waves? Did you look for them so much when you were young that you became a supremely talented surfer along the way? Did you surf so much that it eventually became a full-time job? If you did, may we just say congratulations, sir or madam. But Nic, much like the rest of the world, wasn’t able to do his usual search around the globe for waves in the last few months. Coronavirus, etc. Instead of moping around the house, he’s looking back fondly at some of his best memories.

“In times where traveling is restricted,” he said, “we gotta sit back, relax, and throw back to some of the best sessions of the last few years…I haven’t traveled in three months. I think it’s the first time in 15 years that I’ve been stuck at home for this long a period of time.”

Kandui is one of Nic’s favorite waves in the world, and for good reason. A hollow, fast, barreling lefthander is basically Nic’s bread and butter, aside from waves of extraordinary size. The session you see above in the latest episode of Von Froth is from 2017, but it’s one that Nic won’t ever forget. It was three non-stop days of barrels, during which he logged more tube time than the average surfer would in five lifetimes.


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