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Nic Von Rupp leads an interesting life. He surfs very, very large waves and is one of the frothiest frothers in the business. That’s why the name of his new series is so fitting: Von Froth.

In his very first episode, Nic and his tow partner Francisco Porcella take the viewer through their preparation for the Nazaré Tow Challenge and the event itself. That day, as you of course remember, was a heavy one: Alex Botelho came very close to dying.

“The day of the Nazare Challenge was really good,” Nic said. “My partner Porcella and I were really in sync both riding some big waves and having loads of fun. After three heats, my day had ended and I was requested at the athletes’ area for some interviews. As I was showing up at the contest I see Alex’s accident. For me, it was the gnarliest moment of my life, coming in with an adrenaline high from surviving the big waves to seeing my brother right in front of my eyes fighting for his life.. what a crazy moment.”

Von Froth will have new episodes twice a month for the next six months, so stay tuned.


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