The Inertia

Nic von Rupp‘s baseline for “good surf” is pretty high, so when he says it’s been an intense week in Portugal, that means something. His latest YouTube offering starts with Nic explaining the embarrassment of riches that has him suiting up on a Portuguese beach, planning a day that will eventually end at one of the most rightfully feared and respected breaks in Portugal: The Cave.

“Another epic day in Portugal. It’s been absolutely crazy. This is the longest week of surfing I’ve ever seen,” says von Rupp as he tugs on a neon-yellow wetsuit. “Since the Nazare Challenge it’s been back to back swells. Big swells, too. Been absolutely exhausted.”

And this day wasn’t going to be any exception. With the aforementioned Big Wave Challenge in the rear-view, Rupp was finally able to go full bore. In this case, that meant making a pilgrimage to the monstrous right-hand slab just south of Coxos. Though the expedition initially got off to a bit of a rocky start (pun intended), it ended up delivering what seemed to be an almost spiritual experience for the big-wave conquerer and barrel-hunter.

“One of the best visions I’ve ever had, for sure,” said Rupp afterwards. “It was just crazy what went down. I couldn’t believe it, the euphoria of the moment. This is what surfing is all about.”


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