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Nic Von Rupp lives for huge waves. He lives for any kind of wave, really, but the ones that send most surfers running for the hills are the ones that send him sprinting for the waters’ edge. It helps, of course, that the world’s biggest wave is on his doorstep, so whenever Nazaré turns into that monstrous beast it can become, Nic is there in the mix. And the forecast is promising. Promising, that is, if you’re into waves of unimaginable consequence.

“Swell of the Century is coming,” he wrote. “Yesterday marks the opening day of the 2020 season. Huge day for the season opener but only a small version of what is coming Wednesday/Thursday.”

The forecast, if it holds, is something almost unbelievable, and it led Von Rupp to make a big prediction. “I have never ever seen a swell forecast this big and clean,” he continued. “I think we will see the first-ever 100-foot wave ridden later on this week.”


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