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There’s an event in Portugal that you ought to know about. It is, in the eyes of many, one of the best events that exists in surfing. It’s the Perfect Chapter, or if you’re saying it right, Capítulo Perfeito. It’s a one-day tube-riding event, and it is held on the best day of the year in a variety of places. In previous years, it’s been at Nazare, at Supertubos, and last year, it was at Carcavelos. Carcavelos is a fickle spot, but when everything lines up just right, it’s very nearly perfect. There’s something magical about it; the place, the people, and the waves all combine to create a paradise in Portugal. It is everything you’ve ever wanted in a surf town.

Nic Von Rupp has won the Perfect Chapter twice. Most recently, Anthony Walsh took home the glory.

Nic’s latest episode of his YouTube series, Von Froth, focuses on this year’s event. He calls it “maybe one of the most fun contests ever.” This year was no exception. The swell was pumping all day long, and although only one person took home a trophy, everyone was a winner.


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