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The Inertia

If there ever was a man who froths on waves that most people would run from, it’s Nic von Rupp. And if there ever was a wave that most people would run from, it’s the one at Nazaré. That wave, the biggest in the world, went off recently, and wouldn’t you know it? Nic von Rupp was there.

Nic’s primary focus is getting barreled. The biggest, longest, throatiest barrels he can find. And when the stars align, those can be found at Nazaré. But it’s a rare thing. “It’s that one frontier that hasn’t been cracked properly at Nazaré,” he wrote. “Everything came together on this day: 15-20-foot, perfect conditions and I finally got what I was looking for. A big barrel on a 10’4″ board. Very happy to have had this last few days surfing with great people by my side as well.”


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