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Proctor and Rosza have look at the surf. Photo:

Proctor and Rosza have look at the surf. Photo:

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The name Nick Rozsa should at least ring a bell in the minds of those who keep up with surfing and know about its developments. He has reached a level of notoriety that most haven’t due to his surfing, blog, and unique story. He inspired me for a completely different reason, though. I recently read a piece about him digging into a real problem that affects our community more than we know.

The problem is homelessness. His article made it clear that he was almost homeless at one point. It also mentioned that Chris Papaleo, a longtime friend and partner in their blog, convinced him to surf on camera after this life shift. That decision created a wave of positive attention. Nick chose to use that attention as a way of shining a light on homelessness.

I want to share this article with Surfing’s Definitive Online Community, because Nick Rozsa is doing something that few surfers attempt. His decision to raise awareness for homelessness and take action on a serious issue in his hometown is admirable. I hope his efforts don’t go unnoticed. I want to shine a bright light on his humanitarian approach to homelessness and surfing.

Check Nathan Myers’ interview with Nick here and check out Nick’s blog, SaltyBeards.


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