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Sigh. Noa Deane. Gosh, he’s good. There’s not much else we really should have to say about the man and what’s turned out to be one of the more anticipated edits of 2018. Head Noise, which Volcom released early Thursday, is our reminder of these things. No interviews. No stories. No deep look into the inner workings and desires of a 24-year-old hyper-talented Australian, his ambitions or plans for the future. There really doesn’t even have to be a reason for anybody to say “watch this” other than what you already know: It’s going to be filled with really, really good surfing.

And that might make you mad. Maybe it doesn’t. But let us remind you that Noa Deane got all this talent and you didn’t. So we won’t blame you if you’re upset now.

In the meantime, watch this. Why? Because it’s 15 minutes of really, really good surfing from a really, really amazing surfer.


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