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The Inertia

Winter is in full swing on the North Shore and that’s generally an exciting thing. Places like Waimea come alive and the rest of the surf world watches if for nothing else than the nostalgia of it. There are bigger waves and many would argue better, but few with such deep roots in the culture of our sport as Waimea Bay. So simply sitting and watching the waves roll through there is an event in itself.

With that said, allow us to lay the scene out for you: Barron Mamiya and Noah Beschen decide to surf the Bay for what appears to be the first time. They seem equal parts excited and nervous.

“I coulda been playing Fortnite,” Noah says on the drive down.


Sure enough, they each get a couple of waves without much drama or excessively-heavy wipeouts. Once they’re back on the cliff it seems that if this actually was their first session at Waimea it will probably also be their last.

“I’d rather risk my life at Pipeline than out there…and go straight,” is Barron’s immediate take.



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