The Inertia

Would you eat expired food and build a shelter out of trash and driftwood if it meant surfing empty waves in an isolated, idyllic bay? What if that bay only got those waves every once in awhile and, when they came, they caused ice cream headaches and frozen extremities? Two Norwegian surfers decided to give it a shot and documented the nine cold months they spent in a remote bay near the Arctic Circle in “Nordfor Sola.”

The aptly titled film (“Nordfor Sola” means “North of the Sun”) chronicles the mission of Inge Wegge and Jørn Nyseth Ranum, two budding Norwegian filmmakers, as they set out to live, surf, and survive an entire winter in a small, snow-covered bay. Chronicling their journey on land, in the water, and from the air with a paraglider, Inge and Jørn were able to capture the remoteness and serenity of their little slice of icy heaven. As part of their adventure, the duo made it a goal to live off of leftovers – their van powered by used vegetable oil, their temporary home made from salvaged driftwood and insulated with plastic bottles, and their diet consisted of fish and expired goods from a local store.

Somewhere along the line, every surfer has dreamed of leaving behind technology and civilization in search of beautiful scenery and an empty lineup. What’s inspirational about “Nordfor Sola” is that, despite that fact that Norway is not necessarily known as a prime surf destination, Inge and Jørn went for it anyway, and turned a crazy idea into their daily lives for nearly a year. In the process, the pair meet a couple of new friends, redefine the meaning of “being cold,” and clear their bay of three tons of garbage, which has to be removed from the beach by a helicopter.

“Nordfor Sola” has made the rounds at several international film festivals since last year and has taken home some serious hardware. The film is now available online to rent or download so hop to it!


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