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Meet Billy Stairmand – a Kiwi surfer who’ll do whatever it takes to qualify for the WSL Championship Tour and ultimately represent his country at the Olympics in 2020.

Currently, Billy is raising funds through New Zealand crowdfunding site Give A Little to support airfare, accommodations, and equipment costs. And with a little help from the folks at Raglan Surf Report (who are comedic geniuses, by the way), he made the video above to spread awareness about his efforts.

In typical Raglan Surf Report fashion, there are some gems in there, like: “To me, surfing’s not just a lifestyle it’s a way of life,” which as Billy points out definitely mean the same thing. Oh, and: “I breathe salt water,” which is, of course, drowning.


Don’t let the comedy fool you. Billy is, in fact, raising funds for his campaign, an effort which has already garnered some $4,200. If you so choose, you can contribute to Billy’s fund here.


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