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Boyan Slat, the charismatic Dutch inventor on a mission to clean up the world’s oceans doesn’t surf. But he does appreciate a good artificial wave when he sees one. Photo: Facebook/Boyan Slat

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Boyan Slat is the young Dutch inventor behind one of the world’s most ambitious projects – finding a solution to the plastic problem that’s destroying our oceans. His brainchild, the Ocean Cleanup Project, has raised $31 million and counting, and while his concept has its critics, Slat continues to run his idea to ground and prove its viability.

Recently, Boyan visited someone who knows a thing or two about ambitious projects, Mr. Robert Kelly Slater at his wave pool in Lemoore in a meeting of what we can only guess was one of mutual respect and admiration.

From the looks of it, Boyan doesn’t surf. Or if he does, maybe he’s camera shy. Either way, he managed to get a slow-mo shot of Kelly going left, and is it just us or does that bum foot look spry?


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the irony of two of the most high profile advocates for the world’s oceans meeting up at an artificial wave, 110 miles from the nearest coastline. Hmmm…

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