The Inertia

No one knows the wave-rich midwest region of Western Australia better than local legend Ry Craike. When a swell pops up on the charts he know which spots will be firing.

This edit was filmed one winter morning on the Coral Coast. The swell was decent but not massive, for WA standards. Ry used his local knowledge, and knew which spot would be working best as a swell magnet. He wasn’t wrong and as a result scored several hefty pits all to himself!

Once Ry had his fill of Indian Ocean barrels, I headed over to another local spot which works well on the tide and swell direction that was on tap that day. A few of the local chargers were racking up some serious tube time along the shallow, rock ledge. I sat back and enjoyed what was left of that session.

Overall it turned out to be another great morning last winter in Western Australian.

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