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The Inertia

One of the funny things about surf videos is that it’s rare they really capture how much fun surfing really is.  Sure, they’re great to watch, but surfing will always be better than watching. This short video, however, almost captures it. It’s not full of aggressive lip-bashes, waves that would be impossible for the average surfer to ride, and insanely deep pits that we’d die for but will probably never get. It’s just a few surfers (really, really good surfers) at Keramas, taking high lines, grinning like maniacs, and slipping into totally makeable tubes.

The whole thing was shot in one day by Korduroy.tv, and it includes the inimitable Alex Knost, Harrison Roach, Ellis Ericson, Jared Mell, Matt Chojnacki, and Thomas Bexon riding some not-so-normal surfboards.


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