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Two weeks ago, Storm Barra blasted through the Atlantic and threatened to wreak havoc on parts of Europe. Thousands of homes in Ireland were left without power and schools closed. Meanwhile, parts of the UK were under severe weather warnings.

But other parts of Europe were treated to milder conditions once the storm started to quiet down. Barra sent XXL surf to Nazaré and led to days of waiting for the TUDOR Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge to get a green light. And in France, once the dust was settled, a cast of chargers grabbed tow ropes and swung into neck-breaking barrels well under the XXL mark.

Marc Lacomare, Nelson Cloarec, Thomas Tribout, Benjamin Sanchis and more took to the lineup in Hossegor for the best parts of Storm Barra. Many towed, a few paddle highlights made the cut, and plenty of deep tubes were packed once it was all said and done.

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