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The Inertia

Oscar Langburne appears to have a rather mature approach to his surfing. This is to say you rarely hear teenagers with world-class talent elaborate on their inspiration coming from people who “never look like they’re fighting the wave.”

“Steph, Rob, Parko, Craig, Creed, Tom Curren” are the first names he rambles off. And watching the kid surf, you can easily see hints of their influence.

“Surfing is a super fun part of my life,” he says. “Don’t know how to explain it but it’s just such a fucking beautiful thing,” which isn’t so much a sentiment beyond his years as it is a general truth pretty much every saltwater-obsessed human has accepted. And it’s also another thing that shows in Oscar’s flow: he always looks like he’s having fun.


Just don’t expect any shenanigans from above the lip. Because for as wise as it is to know and appreciate what you are, Langburne’s also pretty comfortable with what he’s not.

“There are no airs in it cause if people wanna watch airs it’s not going to be me…”



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