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Professional surfers are understandably particular about their boards. The folks who put on jerseys have plenty at stake when fine-tuning equipment before a heat. But take a guy like Oscar Langburne, for example, who may not be surfing for QS points but he certainly has a skill set that requires attention to detail.

“Yep, you’re right, I’d normally only ride all customs,” Langburne tells The Inertia as we pick his brain about how finicky he may or may not be with his quiver. Why are we so curious? Because he’s casually dropped a fresh edit featuring a single board he plucked off a rack and borrowed for 24 hours.

Oscar says he’s recently mixed up his sponsorship for the “opportunity to ride a stack of different boards” — certainly enviable confidence given such a big career move. Now he’s deep in the very unfamiliar process of getting familiar with new gear.

“I’m trying a few straight off the rack and then getting customs dialed off the feedback that Brent at The Onboard Store gives between me and the shapers,” Langburne elaborates. “Brent knows (an) amazing amount about boards and really understands my surfing and what works and what doesn’t. So I guess if he gives me something fresh off the rack to try he’s probably got a good idea it will suit me.”

So on a Thursday, Oscar took a 5′ 5″ off the rack. When he brought it back by Saturday, he’d packed enough clips to build a whole new edit. Considering the painstaking process plenty of pros go through to release a cut — perhaps an entire overseas surf trip or a winter’s worth of their best waves — that’s a pretty impressive feat. And from the looks of it, Oscar Langburne isn’t skipping a beat waiting for his new custom rides.


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