The Inertia

Pro surfers have it all – fame, boards, equipment, travel to far-flung destinations. But what happens when that all goes away? In the latest sketch from The Raglan Surf Report, Luke Cederman teaches a post-retirement Owen Wright exactly what it means to be a filthy peasant like the rest of us.

Back in March of 2023, Owen Wright announced that the upcoming Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach WSL event would be his last. The decision brought to a close a long and illustrious career that also included one of the most remarkable comeback stories in surfing. After enduring a traumatic brain injury as a result of a 2015 wipeout at Pipe, Wright managed to claw his way back up the WSL ladder and eventually to the bronze medal podium at the Tokyo Olympic Games. However, ultimately the risk of further injury was too great, and Wright decided to bid the tour farewell.

Now that he’s retired, Owen’s got a lot to learn – and luckily Luke is there to teach him. As Cederman explained, “Because he’s mastered what it takes to achieve at the highest level, now it’s about achieving…well not really achieving anything at all.” From there, Owen gets a crash course on surfing terrible beach breaks, buying your own equipment, stocking a fridge, and doing laundry.

“Some people think taking of at ten-foot chopes is hard, but have you ever separated colors from whites?” says Wright in the video. “It’s really tricky.”


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