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Surfrider’s mission is “protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches via our powerful activist network.”

Most people hear the first word (protection) and gloss over the next two words (and enjoyment). But the simple truth is that we love beaches and many of us are surfers.

From time to time we look in the mirror and realize the products we use may be part of the problem. We cannot be a movement of people seeking to protect something that our consumer choices are helping destroy.

That brings me to Bast. It’s a simple concept in the same vein as Sustainable Surf–use better materials for everything having to do with your quiver.


I heard about Bast from a friend and then heard they were partnering with Firewire on the Timbertek boards (which I’ve also written about here).

I reached out to the founder Jared Koett for a quick interview.

bastJim: Your board packing product is really interesting. It’s quite novel in a high-tech, low-tech way. What I mean by that is that it’s a really modern approach using materials that have been around since 3000 bc (the estimate for when paper was invented). Tell us your story, what is your product?


Jared: It’s a system that protects the rails of a board during shipment or personal travel. Using modular, molded paper parts, Bast wraps the perimeter of the board providing light, durable protection.

So how did you come to create… invent this? What’s that story?

I saw the need for a quicker, more effective way to pack and repack boards while working for a surf camp in Nicaragua. Then the airlines damaged my boards, springing me into action.

Great and tell us about the environmental side of this, it’s made from all recycled paper? 

Yes, the Bast system is made from 100% recycled paper. In addition, it reduces the amount of packaging materials and displaces a lot of plastic.

Ok, so I’ve also heard you are now partnering with Firewire. Tell us a bit about that and also where someone can buy these. 


All the TimberTEK boards shipped to retail after October 1st of this year include the BAST system at no extra charge, so surfers who buy those boards will automatically receive the system. We are working on making it to retail.

Any last thoughts? 

Just never would have thought that arguing with the airlines over a damaged quiver would put me down a path to be where Bast is today, and just stoked to be working with Firewire to evolve the way surfboards are packaged and shipped worldwide.

Cool product. I love the simplicity and modularity. Check out their Facebook page here.

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