The Inertia

Pancho Sullivan just stepped his (and everybody else’s) beachgoing game up. Pancho and his business partner, Abe Allouche, have developed a product that should (hopefully) keep you away from the dreaded dentist, so you can enjoy more frothy beers during your beach day adventures.

Now I’m starting to think Pancho’s also the king of good times, not just Hawaii. Bringing beers to the beach is one hell of a trek and we always tend to forget the most important part of the experience; bottle openers. Sure, there’s always one guy who can pull off the cigarette lighter bottle opening trick. But that requires having a lighter on hand. Considering you likely don’t have that bottle opener on hand, we’ll assume a lighter isn’t a guarantee either. And in desperate situations, there’s the wildcard who can crack one open with their mouth. Risky, and sometimes painful.

There’s one thing I need to admit before I go on. I’ve always been a bit of a heavy drinker. Similar to Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, I just crave some tasty waves and a cool buzz. I rarely have a bottle opener or lighter with me, so I’m forced to craft up some make shift mechanism that might open my beer. I also never wear the Reef sandals that include bottle openers below the heal (although even if I had, I’d pass on using it, because who knows what shit I’ve stepped in? Literally). Where was the alternative back in the day and why didn’t we think of this before?

“It’s a fresh and innovative feature that is sure to be a conversation starter,” says Pancho, who offers the BBO in a variety of colors with four way and two way stretched fabric options. Pancho and Abe reached out to Island Daze private label production to help with the product development, who have specialized in items such as this, dating back to 1998.

As a congratulatory statement to Pancho and Abe, let’s just say you saved the beachgoers and the buzzed surfers alike, including myself. We can’t thank you enough. Cheers to you, my friend. The next one’s on me.


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