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Kye Schaefer had a ‘heart of gold’, his uncle said. Picture: Facebook

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The parents of Kye Schaefer, the New South Wales surfer who was murdered May 2 in a Coffs Harbor Beach parking lot on his way to a morning session, have made a plea to the public for help in finding the killer.

The video was released via the New South Wales police almost two weeks after Schaefer was stabbed. His killer is still at large.

“I think no words can sort of ultimately describe how we’re feeling,” Pam Schaefer said. “Just the sheer loss of our faith in humanity, really — that’s pretty much it.”

Kye’s father Tony Schaefer urged the killer to come forward, telling them to “just be honest and own up for your mistakes in life,” he said. “Everyone makes them, that’s all I can say.”

They then explained that the local community has been very supportive and helpful in the days since Kye’s death, adding “that’s what’s kept us out of this black hole.”

Meanwhile, the police have continued the investigation in hopes of finding the person who stabbed and killed the 22-year-old surfer and member of the local Woolgoolga Soccer Club. Detectives have reportedly looked into a possible connection between the attack on Kye and an armed robbery that took place nearby that morning. They’re also searching for a man they were told was riding by the scene on a bicycle in hopes that he may have useful information. They’ve even asked local drivers who may have been in the area during the time of the murder to check any dash cam footage. Police believe somebody may have record of the incident that led to Schaefer’s death.


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