The Inertia

The surf on the west coast of Canada has its days, just like anywhere. It has been my dedication and frustration to try and capture the best of it. This is Uncharted.

We joke because this place is completely “charted” obviously, but it refers to the places less traveled, the road less taken — a different environment than what most people are used to seeing. However, it’s not totally out there. People will say its cold and out in the middle of nowhere, but considering Tofino’s increased popularity and the effort that people go to around the world to find good surf, it’s not as “out there” as people think. It’s wild though and deserves all the attention it gets. The environment is unique and needs to be protected with a passion. The fact that every so often the surf actually gets good makes it a really nice place to be.


This is a collection of the best waves from the last two years of shooting with Pete Devries and Noah Cohen. I’ve been shooting with these guys for the last five-plus  years, and they just keep getting better. It is awesome to see what they can do in really good surf and it is inspiring to see the response from this movie. I’m using this as motivation for the next project, which we’ve already started shooting for. Not sure what exactly that is yet but hopefully it involves some really good surf.


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