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Monterey, California-based photographer Chase Dekker has some unreal timing, not to mention luck. Dekker, who’s captured some incredible imagery (follow his Instagram, here) was recently shooting humpback whales in Monterey Bay when he happened to witness one of the large mammals nearly swallow a sea lion (humpbacks aren’t known as predators of other mammals).

“While the humpbacks were lunge feeding on a school of anchovies,” he wrote, “a sea lion apparently didn’t jump out of the way fast enough and got trapped inside the whale’s mouth! At some point, the sea lion escaped and the whale seemed fine too as it continued to feed, but it must have been a strange experience for both parties! That sea lion had the true ‘Jonah Experience!'”

Dekker is well qualified. He’s also a guide and biologist. Give him a follow. The guy is constantly adventuring to find the next shot of wildlife and his talent definitely speaks for itself.







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