The Inertia

I’ve been very blessed to travel the world since I was 18. That’s coming up on 14 years on the road now, surfing and exploring this wondrous world. Photography has been a hobby and passion along the way the entire time, and I’ve always had a camera in tow and tried to document the memorable moments of waves and natural beauty along with the big cast of people I’ve spent time with.

This is a random assortment, mostly from the past few years, of all the places I have spent time at and loved. Not everywhere you love. Some places are just not for you.  But these are all places of fond memories and future visits.  The majority of these are taken digitally, but there are a few film images in there as well.   I still work with film cameras all the time.  The quantity of images I shoot is small and I still prefer the richness and feeling of film.  The majority of my body of film work is still not digitized though, a project I keep meaning to get around to one of these days.  Surfing and traveling just keeps getting in the way…


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